Can your lip prints tell you anything about yourself…really? Sounds a little crazy, but yes, there are messages in every print, just waiting to be read. Our lips respond in minute ways to our thoughts, emotions, physical stress, to our whole being. Just as our facial expressions and body language send messages that can be understood, the indicators in our lip prints send universal signals that always mean the same thing in everyone’s lip prints. Prepare to be astounded at the accuracy of the information, insights and inspiration that are waiting to be revealed in each lip print. Contact me

The Lip Chicks Speed Reading Team

Please meet The Lip Chicks, a team of up to 5 professional certified Lip Print Readers.  The Lip Chicks Team can read the lip prints of up to 100 guests an hour at large events. They have been trained to do affirmative, inspiring and entertaining readings in under 3 minutes. They are the perfect eye-catching attraction for any large group event looking for something unique.  More about the Lip Chicks Speed Reading Team…