BOOK: Whats Your Lip Story?

What's Your LipStory?:

An Illustrated Guide to Understanding the Messages in Your Lip Prints

Pam Fox has written the most comprehensive study of lip print reading available today. Based on the lineage of Jilly Eddy (The Mother of Lipsology), Pam’s knowledge and understanding of the messages in our lip prints moves lip print reading to a new level of insight, affirmation and wisdom teachings. This exciting new modality will leave you amazed by what can be gleaned from over 50 indicators found in lip prints.

What’s Your LipStory? Lipsologist Pam Fox has written the most comprehensive book to date on the little known subject of Lip Print Reading. This is the go-to book for those who are interested in learning to read lip prints professionally, and for the more casual reader who enjoys any and all forms of physiognomy, from palm reading to face reading to toe reading. In addition to being entertaining and fun, Lip Print Reading offers a unique new portal to self-awareness and personal growth. Your lip prints will validate and inspire you, and show you new methods for shedding stress, worry, distraction, and self-doubt. READ MORE…