One of the most intriguing indicators in our lip prints is something called a Communication Gap.

We start with the understanding that as a general rule, missing color in a lip print is a signal of missing energy. The reader should know, as well, that the Hug Pucker is one of the main places in our lip prints where we find information about our closest relationships. Here we will see indications of how we are emotionally feeling about, thinking about and communicating with those who are most important to us.


Hug Pucker


Communication Gap Hug Pucker

If you are holding back something that you would like to say, but you don’t feel safe saying it, or if you just live by the “don’t open that can of worms” philosophy, you may not always be honest with others about what you are really feeling in your heart. You may, like many people, feel that you are being kind and thoughtful of the feelings of others. But if you think about it, withholding your “heart truth” because you’re not sure how it will be heard is a way of protecting yourself from any possible negative consequences that may result from your words being spoken. If you are fearful of the reaction of others and that stops you from being completely honest, then you are on some level being manipulative and controlling.

Plenty of well-meaning and perfectly nice people live their lives holding back from saying what they really think. To be fair, sometimes it is the kinder thing to do. But when what you are holding back is very meaningful to you, and you can feel the pressure of wanting to speak, but you don’t, your choice will cost you.

Let’s distinguish here between speaking your mind and speaking your heart. Saying the first thing that comes to your mind and consciously trying to motivate, guide, lead, persuade or push people is one thing. If you have Zingers (see October 17 Blog), you may use your humor to verbally poke people and get them moving in the direction you want.

But speaking your heart is another matter. You feel more vulnerable. You don’t know if what you say will change things, or keep them the same. You are attached to the outcome or have some expectation about what effect your truth may have. So you hesitate. You hold your tongue. And in doing so, you spend energy. The Truth is a mighty force that wants to flow freely, like water in a river. Damming it up takes effort. That effort shows as faded color in your Hug Pucker.

In addition to energy and vitality, withholding the treasure of your truth will also cost you connection to others. It will cost you intimacy and trust with those you love.

The beauty of Lip Print Reading is that we can see in our lip prints what we need to do to be as fully empowered as we are meant to be. If we are willing to listen to the messages in our lips, they will point us toward greater refinement and peace.

When we see missing color/energy in our lip prints, we know specifically where we need to go to stalk that energy, to recapture it and to reintegrate it into our luminous Being. In the case of a Communication Gap, we simply need a practice of speaking our truth in a “Beauty Way.”

What does it mean to speak in a Beauty way? It means saying what is true for you from a place of grace and tenderness, but without any attachment to how it is heard. It means holding no expectations, and having no conditions on how your words are received. You don’t speak to manipulate another or to control anyone or anything “out there”. You simply say, “What’s true for me is this…” and let it go. You speak your heart because you have a right to do so, because the truth wants to be spoken. It wants to flow easily, like water. You can notice the effect of your words, but you hold no attachment to that effect, or lack of it.

You don’t have to speak the truth every time you feel hesitant to do so, but if you don’t, you must own what it is costing you. It costs you power, vitality, intimacy, connection and the trust of others. And certainly, if you really are not safe, if you live in a situation where you will be harmed for speaking, then by all means, hold your tongue until you can remove yourself from that situation.

Over time, learning to speak in a Beauty Way is a master practice that will transform you. As you learn to speak authentically, even when it feel risky, you will free yourself and you will free everyone in the room. Your relationships will be more connected and more intimate, and people will at last know who you are.