Certified LipStory Grads BMP


Lisa Forner

M. Lisa Forner

LipStory Endorsed and Certified Lip Print Reader, graduated May, 2016

Phone Number: 480.544.7332

E-mail: mlforner@cox.net

Website: coming soon!

M. Lisa Forner brings a wealth of life experiences, practices, and knowledge to her lip print reading work. As a “Diamond Girl,” M. Lisa embodies the Leader/Role Model/Mentor in her service to others. After earning a B.A. in Communications, her early career was spent in magazine publishing, higher education administration, and the arts. She holds a master’s degree in Dance Ethnology from UCLA; enjoyed a career as belly dance performer, teacher, writer, and lecturer; and served as a dance archivist at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Further stints in coaching and teaching everything from business writing and English as a Second Language to authentic relating and intimacy practices honed her interpersonal nature. A life-long passion for personal development and spiritual growth informs her personality and outlook. Empathetic, intuitive, authentic, M. Lisa’s eclectic background strengthens her ability to serve and relate to those seeking information and guidance through a casual or in-depth lip print reading session.

Lives in Phoenix, AZ