What kind of information can you see in a lip print?

First we explore the personality of the subject. We look at the features and indicators that describe the way a person interacts and communicates with others. We look at her talents, skills and propensities. We see how she is perceived and how she may perceive herself. This part of the reading may simply affirm what the person already knows, in which case she will at the least be entertained. On the other hand, she may hear the validation she needs to believe in herself and her abilities in ways that she has not been able to until now.

Once we have covered the personality indicators, we move on to part two; the energetic reading.

The energetic reading includes a close look at the energy systems that we all have: those of the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the passionate/creative. This part of the reading can be quite inspirational, and sometimes even transformational.

I believe unconditionally in the accuracy of the messages being displayed in our lip prints. Of course, as in any other type of reading, inaccuracies may arise out of a lack of knowledge or skill on the part of the reader, but not in the information that is displayed.

Where does the information come from?

It has been said that the mind informs the body. In her book Toe Reading; Are You Walking Your Destined Path? author K.C. Miller writes that our feet, and especially our toes, are micro-representations of the lives we are living.

In a similar way, our faces carry the story of a life lived. A lifetime of worry will leave its marks on one’s face, most noticeably between the eyebrows and around the mouth. Crow’s feet, laugh lines, marionette lines, and frown lines all tell us something about a life lived. The body responds to our thoughts and emotions in the short term and over time, leaving visible clues as to what’s going on in our minds and hearts by sculpting the topography of the body.

In our lip prints this sculpting is rapid and dramatic as our thoughts, emotions, physical energy, connection to spirit, and passions blow through our awareness. Moment by moment our lip prints are recording our dis­appoint­ments, judgments, confusion, highs, lows and middles. Blood flow and muscle tensions cause contractions that arrange the surface of your lips into patterns that can be deciphered.

Recently I heard about a new MRI that actually shows the flow of thoughts through the mind. Researchers have been able to identify the patterns so accurately, that they can literally read the mind of the person being scanned. (Read a fascinating article on this new technology!)This is what happens on the plains of the lips. Micro-expressions, which appear to be universal, flow across the expanse of the lips like migrating wildebeest, leaving behind evidence of their passage when a lip print is made.

Just as our facial expressions can be read, the indicators in the lips relay information about the state of the person. Unlike our smiles, winks, twitches and frowns, the expressions of our lip prints have gone unnoticed and unappreciated until now. Finally with Jilly’s work and our ongoing research, we can tap into this previously hidden wealth of information.

Our lip prints offer a vehicle for stepping out of the ego and into what spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle calls “spacious awareness.” The lips’ messages are always benevolent, always a nudge toward greater presence. Although I believe that these messages are a direct physiological expression of our thoughts, feelings, and passions, I also believe that they create the context for spiritual exploration. Each lip print carries the seeds of insight and refinement. Out of our conscious or unconscious connection to the dimension of Infinite Being, the place we turn to in prayer or meditation, we reveal ourselves in our prints, affording each of us a glimpse of a new pathway to wholeness.

Are you a fortune teller?

No. When I read a lip print, I do not read the future. I read the present. As Pulitzer Prize winning author Annie Dillard writes, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” so one could predict a probable future based on the continuation of the present life patterns, beliefs and biases that show in a lip print.

Self-awareness is the first and most crucial step to designing the life we want to have in years to come and to breaking the patterns that constrict us. Your lip prints will, rather relentlessly, reflect back to you over and over again, each area where you need to do the work of self-healing. They do not lie, even when you are lying to yourself. There is no end, ever, to the process of refinement that we are all engaged in . . . not until our final day. That’s a marvelous thing when you think about it. There’s always some big or small craggy spot where we can continue to polish our rough edges, and there is always a deeper experience of presence within reach.

The motivational speaker, Jim Rohn said, “If you want to have more than you have, you need to become more than you are.” But how can you become more than you are unless you know who you are being right now, and what being more than you are would require of you? The indicators in your lip prints will reveal who you are being in this very moment. Then, on the basis of that information, you can redirect your energy and intention toward the “more” of your potentiality.

Do my lip prints change?

The answer is yes. Not only do they change from one print to the next, but they will change over short or long periods of time depending on your present moment experience of life. There will never be another print exactly like the one you just made. Each lip print is one-of-a-kind. As each moment of our life is unique, each message in any moment will be unique. Like clouds drifting by on a summer day, recreating themselves from one moment to the next, the indicators in your lip prints will morph from one print to the next, but they will always be speaking your truth. If the messages seem to repeat themselves often, this will occur out of necessity. Our lip prints, like love letters from our Higher Consciousness, will continue to speak the truth to us until we listen.

What can you tell me about my love life?

Your lip prints are essentially all about your relationships, with yourself, with others and with the world around you. Love is available and present everywhere you turn, in every moment, but the essence of this question is usually “What can you tell me about my next or current lover?”

Circle of Romance with numbers0001In the very core or heart of the lip print we find the Hug Pucker (1) and the Gourmet Lip Split (2). I call this core area the Circle of Romance. These two indicators hold the most personal information about how you feel, think, and communicate in your closest relationships, as well as how passionate you may or may not be feeling. We can see what’s going on presently and we can also see places where you can adjust your perspective so as to deepen the relationship you are in or to draw into your life the one you want. We cannot, however, foretell the appearance of a tall dark stranger.

Does having lip enhancement change the reading?

No. I often do readings for women who have had lip enhancement. In fact, I have twice worked at corporate events for one of the companies that makes the injectable filler for lips. Almost every woman I read those two evenings had “enhanced” lips. Each of them expressed surprise at how accurate her reading was and each validated the information that I shared with her. The messages of our lips cannot be adulterated apparently, even when we tamper a bit with nature. In any case, fullness is only one of many indicators, most of which would not be affected by lip enhancement.

Can’t you just read my lips by looking at me?

This question is usually asked by men who are curious, but don’t want to put on lipstick. No, I cannot read a person’s lips accurately just by looking at him. Although a few indicators may be evident, the majority of the indicators your lips can only be seen in a print. Also, a feature that you can see when you look at someone may disappear when the print is made. For example, the V-shape at the top of the lip, called the Cupid’s Bow, is often evident on a face, but may disappear when the lips are pressed to the Kiss Card. There are many indicators that are so finely imprinted that you couldn’t see them by looking at someone’s lips directly. Indicators like color intensity don’t show until the lips are pressed to the paper. The lip print freezes everything in place so that it can be examined like a slide under a microscope. Remember, this is the practice of lip PRINT reading, not LIP reading.

Having said that, I have also come to believe that I should not dismiss the appearance of a person’s lips. If on observation of the person’s lips I see an indicator that does not show in the prints she gives me, I still recognize the essence of the indicator as at least a subliminal expression inherent in the make-up of that individual, similar to the lines on the non-dominant hand in hand reading.

Can my wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, or you apply the lipstick for me?

Men, like women, are curious about what their lips have to say about them. Once a man has resigned himself to the fact that he cannot get a reading without using lipstick he will often try to enlist the help of the nearest woman to apply the lipstick for him.

However, I always suggest that the man put his own lipstick, and this is how I explain my position: This is your message conveyed to you in real time by a part of you that chooses to communicate in this indirect way. If you allow someone else to participate in making the lip print by applying your lipstick in her own way, the message may not be completely yours.

This is why I suggest that you apply your own lipstick and that you make the print in whatever way feels natural to you. Otherwise, you may create in your prints someone else’s message about you and not an authentic representation of who you are in that moment. Having said that, if the only way a man or a child can make a Kiss Card for me is with someone else’s help, there’s still going to be a story to read in each print.

Once the lipstick is on, I never give explicit directions on how to make the lip print. I want my subjects to be free to express themselves as naturally as possible. Unfettered by my instructions or interference, men, women and children will deliver a set of kisses unique to each of them. My job is to stay out of the way so their individuality can shine through. So, gentlemen, “man up” and put on your lipstick!

One more comment about men and lipstick . . .

I am amazed at the power that a small tube of wax with color in it has to intimidate the male ego. Although there are an encouraging number of men who step up at my events and grab the lipstick with gusto, there are those who back away and look at me as though I am crazy when I ask them to apply lipstick. Are they being triggered by unconscious core beliefs that this little thing, a tube of lipstick, can define them, and not in a “good” way?

Like the cross held high in old vampire movies, a lipstick can strike terror in the hearts of men and drive them in hordes across the room and out of the reach of its power to contaminate their masculinity!

To all of these men I say, there is nothing to fear . . . lipstick is just a tool. It won’t hurt you. It doesn’t mean anything except what you make it mean. It won’t change your romantic preferences one way or the other. It will come off.

And . . . I have just the color for you!

Toe Reading; Are You Walking Your Destined Path? Publisher: LuLu, June 2009, Available on Amazon


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